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I am so excited to see the move of God with this ministry God is so good and faithful to his word. I think you are a great woman of God and it encourages me just to see what happens when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God. I want to say Thank You. Thank you for your prayer. When I came into your office about a month ago for a check up, you asked me how I was doing. I told you that I wasn't doing okay. I felt like I was at the Darkest and the lowest point of my life. I had buried an uncle in July, then  three weeks later, his sister, which was my aunt got killed due to someone shutting in her house while she slept, two bullets hit her in the head and 1 month later someone shot and killed her son, which was my first cousin and the was looking for my grandmother to make it and of them was at the same hospital, but she recovered. Pastor Scott-Miller, you put your hands on my head and started Praying in tounges and at that time is when I felt as if Ii was pulled out of a pit and I left your office and it was like I could see the light again and I had strenght to move forward. I have been fine since that day and I can really say that I feel renewed everyday and my faith in the Lord is growing higher and higher. I Thank God for using you to stand in the gap for me when i was to weak to do it for myself. Thank you for your Obedience to God.

Dr. Yvonne, i would just like to say thank you for inviting us in your house today to give us the words of knowledge. You have blessed me today with not only with words of encouragement but with confirmation of several things the lord has spoken to me. Now i know that i am on the right path. I am still amazed how God worked thru you today. Wow! so many things that you preached today shuck my spirit; let me tell you, it elicited me to stop ignoring and playing around with the lord acting like i don't know, just don't care and don't want to be bother with what he tells me to do. Aw!!! it's so much much i can tell you. All i do waking up and going to sleep is think about the lord, Ah and do nothing but talk about him all day and every day, it seem that i have no desire to speak about anything else among regular conversations; it's feels so... good to know that he is walking with me. So many things has awaken with in me that were dormant.

You were great, I can't wait until the next service.

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